October 24, 2009

Harvest on the Harbor: El Rayo Demo

I attended a free cooking demo at LeRoux Kitchens Friday afternoon, as a part of the Harvest on the Harbor event. The demo was showcasing El Rayo Taqueria's pimentos de padron and fried plantains.

Here's Chef Cheryl smooshing some plantains to fry up. Co-owner Norine was serving up refresco aka delicious hibiscus punch. The punch is available mixed with tequila out at their restaurant, only increasing my desire to make it over to the tiny taco stand.

Cheryl and Norine have found a local organic source for the peppers they fry up and sprinkle with Mexican sea salt- Sparrow Arc Farm in Unity. These peppers are pretty cool, because you don't know if they're going to be hot or sweet! It's like a delicious version of Russian Roulette. (FYI, I got two sweets and then a hot, but it wasn't too hot for me.)

And who doesn't love fried plantains? Cheryl serves hers with a chipolte mayonnaise, and you know if I can dip something fried and salty into something creamy that I'm sold!

This event, coupled with sampling their delicious Mexican corn at the 20 Mile Meal, made me realize I need to get my azz in gear actually eat at El Rayo.

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