August 7, 2009

Lobster Mac and Cheese

I'm sure you've seen all the recent news about the low prices of lobsters and the resulting turf wars around Matinicus Island. Since lobsters are averaging $4 a pound, we thought we'd take advantage of the low prices, while supporting our local curmudgeon fisherman as well. Everybody wins!

I admit I didn't have much (or anything) to do with the making of this meal. Well, I put the lid back on the steamer after M. dumped the lobsters in, does that count? That's right ladies, I have a man who brings home lobster and then cooks them for me. He used the pasta from Annie's mac and cheese and two cheese from K. Horton's at the Public Market. He doesn't remember the names, but one was gooey and soft and one was a harder Parmesan-like type. Both were selected for their melting properties.

So, I encourage you to buy some local lobster and incorporate it into your daily cooking regime. I think of lobster as a only-when-the-folks-are-in-town treat, but at these prices, there's really no reason not to pick some up even during the week. And then when our demand drives the prices back up, we can go back to not eating them :)