July 6, 2009

4th of July Brunch

So our self-inflicted challenge for Saturday, July 4th was to go to the Farmers' Market and make brunch from ingredients we bought there. Granted, not the most difficult challenge this time of year, but fun nonetheless!

So, we bought... (let's see how memory serves):

- Broccoli from someone with a cute little chocolate-covered girl as the cashier
- Baby new potatoes from Snell's Family Farms
- Tomatoes from Olivia's Garden
- Eggs from Sparrow Farms
- Goat's milk Mozzarella from... you know, the goat lady Tourmaline Hill Farms. Her friend even tried to sell us a goat!

So combined with the onions, red peppers, and spinach from mom's garden (thanks, Mom!) that we had at home, we made an awesome veggie hash with poached eggs.

Topped it all off with a PBR (at 11:30am, yes!) and our day was off to a great start.