July 13, 2009

Magnificent Mushie

Obviously I've got lots of summer veggies to cook for dinner, but when it came to choosing a protein the other night, M. and I were unmotivated by all the choices. Beef? Meh. Chicken? Meh. Pork? You get the picture...

I thought of a stuffed Portobello mushroom, though, and got really excited - M. got really into the stuffing.

M. used Down East breakfast sausage, apple, Vidalia onion, fresh sage, and homemade wheat croutons in the stuffing. He thought to make a little sausage patty and then coat the outside with the croutons so they would crisp up in the oven, like the top of the stuffing at Thanksgiving.

And while this meal did taste a little 'fall-y,' we had some nice patty pan squash and zucchini with it to give it a summer feel.