July 26, 2009

Garlic Scape Pesto

I made garlic scape pesto recently, after falling in love with it a friend's house. They invited us over for dinner and were in the middle of a CSA scramble, trying to use and preserve the veggies that were on the verge of going bad. So I volunteered to make the garlic scape pesto, while others were hard at work on the pork chops, quinoa, and beet greens.

After a few whizzes in the food processor, I had my first taste test, and I fell in love. I had been so skeptical of garlic scapes all season long, but after I saw the awesome way the scape's mild garlic flavor melded so well with the pecans and Parm, I was hooked.

So I quickly set to work making my own garlic scape pesto, to freeze and then enjoy all season long. I bought a LOT of scapes from the Snell Family Farm at the Wednesday Farmers' Market, and then used Parm and walnuts to make my own 'Green Monster.'

I froze the pesto in ice cube trays for easy portioning later. And while I assume this pesto can be used like any other pesto, I'd love some recipe suggestions. (We all found it to be pretty good as a dip!)