May 28, 2009

Miyake Celebration

To celebrate my new job (!!), M and I went out for sushi at Miyake. We'd never been there before and heard it's the best sushi in town. 

Miyake is BYOB (and there's a market that sells beer, wine, and sake next door), and so we bought some Pacifico, as to not compete with the awesome flavors we were surely to experience. 

And Miyake didn't disappoint. We went with the Omakase II, which is a tasting menu of the chef's choice of five courses. 

First, we had a lobster, toro, and scallop sashimi. The lobster was marinated in garlic olive oil and was so delicious. 

The next course was a tuna carpaccio of sorts, with scallions and pine nuts, served with fried nori chips. 

The third course disappeared so fast I forgot to snap a pic of it! It was a perfectly cooked round of eggplant topped with crab imperial. And it was to die for. It was a good thing there wasn't more of it, because M. and I would have made ourselves sick eating that rich yumminess. 

The fourth course was perfectly cooked duck breast, with a black pepper and citrus glaze. The black pepper was a nice little flavor treat. 

And last, four different types of nigiri. And I definitely forget what each one was, but I loved how they were individually flavored and topped with all different kinds of unique bits. 

I definitely recommend Miyake for great sushi in Portland. It is not your typical sushi place, but rather challenges your previously held notions of sushi with new flavor profiles and preparation methods. 

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