Canning Classes

I teach food preservation for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and would love to have you join me for a hands-on workshop. I am a trained Master Food Preserver, which is also offered through UMaine Extension. It's a 30-hour, hands-on intensive training, covering all aspects of home food preservation.

I teach "Preserving the Harvest" workshops all over Southern Maine, and the classes are three hours long with a cost of $15 per person.

We cover the hot water bath canning method (unless otherwise stated) and the basics of freezing fruits and vegetables.  We will make a seasonal product using local produce, and you'll take home a jar of what we make, as well as a packet of recipes and fact sheets.

Please see the hands-on food preservation workshops schedule or request a workshop in your area.

Check out Lewiston Sun Journal articles on a jam making workshop and ways to preserve tomatoes to see what you're in for!