Flying Fox Juice Bar Now Open

Ed. note: Flying Fox Juice Bar has closed.

Flying Fox Juice Bar opened yesterday at 98 Washington Ave. It's run by Birch Hincks, a friendly woman you may know from Eventide, with help from her partner Tim Adams of Oxbow Brewing. The small shop joins in the revival of inner Washington Ave. at the foot of Munjoy Hill and serves juice, smoothies, iced tea, and coffee. 

The shop is simply decorated with repurposed materials, colorful stools, and a magnetic letter menu. 

The juice and smoothie flavors listed are popular combinations, but custom blends are available too. Birch told me the flavors listed are the predominant ones, but the juices contain other ingredients—for instance, the kale/lemon flavor also has apple juice. 

Original Roomie A. and I had a beet/carrot (plus ginger) and a kale/lemon juice ($8 each). The juices are made to order and come with or without ice. 

It's pretty much a guarantee that I'll love anything with beet juice in it, and the carrot combo made it a nice earthy root juice. I love that the juice options are less traditional and tend towards savory, a taste I am personally cultivating in my juice preferences. 

Flying Fox Juice Bar is open from 7:30AM until 2PM and whether you need a quick caloric pick-me-up or simply some iced coffee, stop in and see this lovely new Munjoy Hill café.