Drizly Alcohol Delivery Service Comes to Portland

I've got the most exciting news for you, just in time for the weekend. If you live in Portland or South Portland, you can now have alcohol delivered to your house. That's right, only a few minutes after you tap a few times in an app on your phone, some nice man will knock on your door, scan your ID, and in exchange, hand you a bag full of booze. No trip to the store, no lugging cases of beer up the stairs, no pants required (OK, put on pants when for you open the door). This is revolutionary, people. 

I received a press release about Drizly the Boston-based service's expansion into the Portland area, and I laughed out loud. A shitty thing had happened to me that morning (car vandalism) and then someone offered to send me a gift so I could try out the service. Champagne delivery? Yes please. 

I also thought back to the time that I wanted to enjoy a bloody mary during a football game. Problem was I didn't have any vodka and it was only a short while until kickoff. I went to several stores in the West End looking for one that sold spirits (now I know better and know exactly where the hard stuff is sold), wasting precious minutes before the game started. You know what would have been a lot better? If I'd just been able to pick up my phone, order a bottle, and then gone back to frying up shrimp or whatever. No frantic race around town, more time for relaxing. 

Drizly works by partnering with a local retailer (in Portland the Craft Beer Cellar and Old Port Spirits) and charging the retailer a membership fee. So users pay only $5 delivery fee, plus the optional driver tip (but tip your driver). The alcohol is the same price as in the store and you've got the great selection that's available at CBC and Old Port Spirits. 

To try the service out, the Drizly rep offered to send me a gift (you can send gifts too!) of some bubbly. I was able to schedule when I'd be home to receive my gift and then received a text when the driver was at my door. I went down to meet him, he scanned my ID, and cheerfully handed off my bottles of wine. I'm sold.

Drizly is available for Android and Apple phones, but you can also order through the website.

Disclosure: I received the wine free of charge from Drizly, but the opinions and words in this post are my own.