April Portland Spirits Society Tasting: Salvage BBQ

I love Salvage BBQ so much, but I always think of their great barbecue, sides, and craft beer selection. So I was surprised when a Portland Hunt & Alpine Club bartender suggested them as a place with a great bourbon selection. 

I was casting about for opinions on where to host our next Portland Spirits Society event - and Salvage is a great place to host a big group, whether for a meetup or a party. The casual counter service and picnic tables lends itself well to coming and going, casually dropping in, and mingling. 

So our next women's whiskey tasting will be at Salvage on Wednesday, April 15th at 6pm. We'll be ordering from Salvage's large selection of bourbons and discussing what we taste, while we get to know other women interested in whiskey.

Plus, their delicious trays of fatty meats and fried sides can provide a solid base for all that booze! 

Join us for a night of casual bourbon education and delicious food. The event is pay-as-you-go and you can drop in anytime after 6pm. If you're a facebooker, RSVP to the event there. 

Buffalo Trace bourbon cocktail at Timber

And a few women and booze links: 
  • This woman offers "Nosing Services" to craft distillers to help them evaluate and blend their whiskeys. "The Sniffer," by Wayne Curtis, The Atlantic

  • Heather Greene, whiskey sommelier at The Flatiron Room in Manhattan, knows her shit and still faces sexism in the industry.

  • The Portland Rum Riots, May 31-June 2, will have lots of great liquor education events. Details on the special Portland Spirits Society/Rum Riots event coming soon!