BBF Travels: Cappy's Chowder House, Camden

Ed. note: Cappy's Chowder House has closed.

This past weekend I went camping in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.  Much fun was had, from campfire-side beer drinking, to lawn sports in Bar Harbor, to an aborted, but still fun, hike (due to the fog/mist).

Fortunately the weather cleared for the second half of the weekend, as we toodled back down the coast.  We stopped in Searsport to get our thrift on and in Camden to say hi to my sailor friend Ryan, who had just come back in from a windjamming sail on the Lewis R. French.  

He gave us the local scoop on the best pizza in town, but it being Memorial Day, it was closed (OK, Memorial Day and lunch time). So we hit up Cappy's Chowder House, a place I'd been for happy hour fried food and beers.

And while we were a bit miffed by the tourist prices, we had a good lunch. I went all in for the haddock Reuben with curly fries. It was delicious. A bit intense, but with Morses' sauerkraut, fried fish, and melted cheese, you can't really go wrong. It even reheated well the next day for a leftover lunch.

A. had the fish tacos, a much-needed redo after our weird fish taco burritos in Bar Harbor (Gringo's, I'm looking at you). 

And while not pictured, S. and K. had an amazing looking peanut butter chocolate pie and the 'Common Ground' burger, a veggie burger, respectively. We enjoyed some local brews (me a Shipyard Summer and A. a special Shipyard brew made for Cappy's). And of course, everyone was really nice to us, and we caught this awesome face full of nautical crap on our way down the stairs.

This place makes a great drinking hole and a stop for fried food, but be prepared to leave about $3-$4 more dollars behind than in a local joint, since they're working the tourist angle.