Burger-o-rama: Homemade Burger

Last burger post for a while- thankfully not because we are burnt out on them, a la Thai-o-rama.  But no, after a diner, a pub, and a fine dining burger, time to put your meat where you mouth is (uh, what?).

Best homemade burger. 

And let me just say, usually the best burger is one someone else makes for me.  That's the reason we go out to eat- no?  To taste things that we are incapable of (for whatever reason- lack of time, money, or skill) and to have someone else clean up the dishes. 

But here is my attempt on the eve of a great late spring Sunday Funday in Portland.  I sourced good ingredients: Seaside cheddar (described by the cheese guy at Whole Foods as the perfect burger cheddar), a mix of ground sirloin (Whole Foods) and local ground beef (Farmers' Market), maple dry rub bacon (Whole Foods), and Claussen pickles.

Pressing rounds of meat between parchment resulted in thin, even thickness burger patties.  A little bit on the grill (in which 3 women are tested in their charcoal lighting, burger flipping skills), topping with cheddar, hungrily consumed sitting on the porch drinking Geary's Summer (the best local summer brew, in my opinion).

Really, the best burger is one enjoyed with friends, and if you need some help with your burger recipes this summer, check out Food & Wine's 10 Favorite Burger Recipes.