District Brunch Review

Ed. note: District closed in late 2012. 

My dear friend Uke introduced me to brunch at District. I have elevated her to 'dear' status, because of the food there. Without her, I would have just read any number of reviews that left me with the impression that it was good, but that I shouldn't rush over. Not negative, but not get. there. now (unlike Petite Jacqueline - get there now - or rather after I've been seated). 

I'm here to set the record straight, although brunch is as far as I can elaborate. But for brunch in Portland? District. Go to District. I ordered a Bloody Mary to start and perused their short-ish menu, which has a mix of breakfast and lunch items. Was tempted by the Soft Shell Crab Benedict special (until I saw the big X through it), but then landed on All You Can Eat Chicken and Waffles. 

I'll let that sink in for a minute. 

Uke was nice enough to share her charcuterie plate with me, since I was the only one at the table who didn't get a starter (saving all the room in my stomach, you see). We all enjoyed the short rib terrine (front), the rabbit rillette (upper right), and the lambs tongue and pear confit.  

Only complaint? Not enough toast. Why?!? 

OK, I'm delaying this, putting it off, teasing you.

Here's Uke's steak and eggs, the best looking steak and egg I've seen a while. Didn't ask her how it was, because, well....


Because chicken and waffles, fool!

Chicken: tender, moist, boneless, but not in a creepy chicken tender way, crispy cornmeal coating. Waffle: well, it was a waffle, but great base for the real maple syrup, chicken, and housemade sriracha. 

So, all you can eat for $12, but I sadly (so sad!) only made it through one order. Was a struggle to finish even. Belly hurt for the rest of the day (OK, until I had Sunday Funday chicken wings at Binga's that night). But I woke up the next day, and said, I want chicken and waffles... and pretty much every day for the rest of the week. 

It's almost the weekend again, anyone want to go to District with me? 

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