Thursday, January 27, 2011

Portland Trails Gourmet Grub Contest and Phoenix 'Best of' Awards

I am excited to announce that I am part of Portland Trails' Trail Gourmet contest- a trail food recipe competition that celebrates twenty years of the organization protecting and promoting public lands in Portland (woah, enough P's for ya!?). I will be judging the final submissions, and want you to submit a recipe!

So if you are a gourmand who likes to hike, consider submitting your recipe for the chance to win a dinner for two at a local restaurant. Your trail food can be as elaborate as you'd like, but it needs to be something you can realistically eat on a hike!

Recipes must be named for one of Portland Trails' trails and submissions (in the form of a photograph of the dish and one to two sentences explaining the title) can be sent to Rachel at Portland Trails. Call her at 775-2411 for more information. Submissons are due by February 22nd.

In other news, the time has come again for the Portland Phoenix's Best Of nominations. If you think the Blueberry Files is one of the best Portland food blogs, please nominate me!

Also, I've started a facebook page for the blog. Head on over there and 'like' it for even more face time with me. Thanks!!


  1. i just voted for you.
    and for fore front fashion...obvi. ;)

  2. Congratulations on getting the judging job! Sounds like fun. I'm headed over to Facebook to give you the thumbs up.
    Also...are you going to any of the Restaurant Week events?

  3. How cool!!! KT the judge, very nice. And keep reminding me on facebook to vote and I will continue to do it everyday!!

  4. I'm super excited about submitting to this and already have a few ideas'll be fun!

  5. hmm what to make, what to make :)

    when is the recipe/picture due by?