Whaddapita! Lunch Review

Ed. Note: Whaddapita closed in late 2012 and was replaced by Supreme Pita. Whaddapita is reportedly moving to South Portland.

Because I heard Whaddapita! was getting good reviews, my mind wandered to the possibility of lunch there when the leftovers I'd brought with me to the office weren't enticing me. The place was full of other business people- not too many college students- so I joined the group of office escapees and ordered up a pork Gyro ($3.95).

While I waited, I spied on other people's food (a lot of Greek salad eaters!), wandered out the big open doors to snap a photo of their outdoor deck, and checked out the meat on a stick calling to me from behind a large sneeze shield. They're not serving up those mystery meat loaf patties (a la Steak 'Ums) here at Whaddapita! (exclamation not mine).

In addition to the authentic grilled meat, there's also French fries inside your wrap, and no lettuce. These ladies and dudes must know what they're talking about. But also like in Greece, the Gyro is a little street snack, and so I found myself wanting more (like two for $7.45).

Maybe the next time I want a big lunch at work, I'll order the Gyro platter ($7.95), a side of eggplant dip ($4.95), a Fresh Greens & Feta Pie ($4.95), or of course, that ubiquitous Greek salad ($6.95). There's tons of options at Whaddapita! and judging from the delicious little Gyro snack I had there, I'll be back to sample more of their menu when I need another break from the office.

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