Saturday, July 18, 2009

More 'Grace'fulness

When M's mom came to town, we knew we had to take her to Grace (you know, because she likes eating out and goes to church... makes sense). So we stopped in for some drinks and appies.

I had the Nirvana, a strawberry mojito of sorts...

And we quickly devoured the lobster tacos...

and truffled deviled eggs.

(For the record, I can and have eaten half a dozen deviled eggs in one sitting.) Everything was delish, I was happy to see that they've expanded the menu, and we had a great time. I pretty much love it there.

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  1. Lobster tacos: yum. I am booking my flight!

  2. I don't liketo say bad things about restaurants, but I'll go out of my to skip a meal at Grace.